Manian – Hands Up Forever (2013)

by · February 20, 2013

Album cover: Manian - Hands Up Forever (2013)

Album: Hands Up Forever
Release Year: 2013
Genre: Dance
Format: MP3 242Kbps
Size: 440 Mb

Track listing:
01.Hands Up Forever
02.Don’t Stop The Dancing
03.Party Nonstop
04.Just Another Night anthem 4
05.Bite My Tongue (King & White Remix)
06.Tonight (R.I.O. Remix)
07.Speed Of Light
08.Burn Down The House
09.Awesome In A Box
10.I’m In Love With The DJ
11.Don’t Wake Me Up
12.Feel Free
13.Saturday Night
14.Taking Off
15.F.A.Q. (Manian Remix)
16.Cold As Ice (Empyre One Remix)
17.Toca Me (Dan Winter Remix)
18.Don’t Stop The Dancing (Rob & Chris Remix)
19.I’m In Love With The DJ (David May Remix)
20.Just Another Night anthem 4 (Brooklyn Bounce Remix)
21.Tonight (Alex Megane New Dance Remix)
22.Hands Up Forever (Giorno’s G! Remix)
23.Saturday Night (Italobrothers Remix)
24.Don’t Stop The Dancing (Pulsedriver’s Oldschool Flavour Remix)
25.Hands Up Forever (Black Toys Remix)
26.Just Another Night anthem 4 (Floorfilla Remix)
27.Party Nonstop (DJ Gollum Remix)
28.I’m In Love With The DJ (Basslovers United Remix)
29.Burn Down The House (Crystal Lake Remix)
30.I`m In Love With The DJ (Money G Remix)
31.Bite My Tongue (Raindropz! Remix)
32.Don’t Stop The Dancing (Ronny Bibow’s Well Known Retro Style Remix)
33.Feel Free (Whirlmond Remix)
34.Speed Of Light (Jorg Schmid Remix)
35.Tonight (Manox Remix)
36.Just Another Night anthem 4 (Ivan Fillini Remix)
37.Ravers Fantasy (Jorg Schmid Remix)
38.Hold Me Tonight (Whirlmond Remix)
39.DJ Mix
40.Retro DJ Mix


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